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Storytelling is at the heart of all we do, it’s in our DNA - whether that be storytelling for consumers instore or retail colleagues anywhere.


People use stories to make sense of the world, to tie together our experiences and perceptions. These stories influence the way we feel, think, behave and shop.


Storytelling helps engage us on a journey, connecting our emotional and rational minds.


Retail is undergoing a rapid evolution from multi-channel, to omnichannel, to experiential retail theatre.


A story we create may help engage a retail store colleague on a bus on their way to work allowing them to better understand and therefore sell a brands product. Another story may help guide a customer through a retail touchscreen display instore, allowing them to better experience a product or service.



Retailistic is the creative, future-thinking and cost-effective route to invaluable experience and support when it comes to Engaging Mobile Learning, Innovative Digital In-Store and Realistic Emulator Experiences​


Retailistic creates next generation learning solutions. We listen. We are problem solvers. Our experts work in collaboration with you to help identify and define your business and learning objectives.


We have a wealth of experience having visualised colleague learning platforms and content for global brands.


Our high-quality online learning focuses on learner engagement and knowledge retention that in term demonstrate a clear return on investment.


We create learning content that works anytime, anywhere and on any platform or device from desktops, tablets, smartphones and more. 


Retailistic creates interactive digital solutions that draw customers into an immersive retail experience.


Touchscreens, play tables, lift & learn, wayfinding, assistive selling tools, electronic shelf labels and augmented reality can all help take the customer journey to the next level.


The digital solutions we produce enhance customer engagement, drive consistency of message, increase sales, customise and personalise a customer’s experience.


We are experts at blending the physical and digital, in-store, providing the ultimate customer journey.


Retailistic creates emulator experiences that customers can interact with both instore and online. We also build emulator experiences into our engaging mobile learning.


We believe that customers deserve more than just text, photos and video - our experiences allow you to “try before you buy”. Although we are told that products are getting simpler, the truth is that many products such as Smart Home really need to be experienced before you can decide if its right for you.


From installing and using a smart radiator valve to interchanging and folding a baby buggy we can help bring multi feature products life virtually.



Retailistic uses engaging colleague learning to inform, excite and enable retail colleagues, field marketing teams and sales agencies to confidently promote and sell a product or service.



Microlearning offers bite-sized learning nuggets that can be referred to at any time and by anyone. Microlearning is focused on specific learning outcomes and can be used as a refresher or part of a formal training plan.



m-Learning is online training that’s specifically designed to be used on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. m-Learning is convenient because it allows anywhere, anytime learning.



Personalised learning takes data about knowledge levels, engagement and actual performance so that specific content can be provided to a colleague and so provide them with a customised learning path.


Interactive video

Interactive video is a richer, more immersive experience that promotes high levels of engagement by putting the learner in control.  As well as branching it can also use embedded hotspots that can open up elements such as; animation, videos and quiz questions.



Gamification techniques can boost engagement levels, improve knowledge absorption and retention and influence behaviours. Game based learning is a sure way to grab colleague’s attention and ensure engagement.


Social Learning

Social learning is about removing the requirement to learn solo, it enables colleagues to re-engage, embrace collaboration and vary the training options available.


Achievements and Incentives

Encourage colleagues with chievements. Easily configurable and simple to implement achievements lets users earn recognition for their progress. Colleagues can quickly see how many points, stars and badges they have earned so far.



Everything colleagues do is tracked in so analysing how your content is doing and what your learners feel about it, is easy. This rich data can be used to improve the content on offer.


Retailistic uses innovative in-store digital to increase customer loyalty, trust, and brand preference, whilst delivering a true omni-channel experience.



Touchscreens allow customers to interact and experience a product or service with clear, concise and personalised information, allowing them to “try before they buy”.


Lift & Learn

Lift and Learn enables customers to pick up a product they are interested in and see detailed product information on a screen. Customers can lift two products up at once to compare, helping them to decide what’s best for their needs.


Digital Signage

Digital signage provides the perfect platform to engage with a customer, providing them with the latest offers, additional products and services. Using Beacon and NFC technology, customers can take control of the digital signage and use their mobile phones to control a screen and view relevant information.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality totally reimagines the role of the camera on a customer’s smartphone and offers an immersive and engaging experience, blending the real and virtual world.


Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping offers the next generation of digital display and provides customers with a real WOW factor. Dynamic, daylight-visible 3D projection mapping that is designed specifically for retail environments.


Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic Shelf Labels help to increase legal compliance, save labour hours, reduce print and paper costs and drive sales. Prices and product information are updated seamlessly from a retailer’s head office.


Colleague Sales Tool

Colleague Sales Tools allow a store colleague to have one-to-one experience with a customer using a tablet or smartphone.  A combination of colleague and customer can control the touch screen and experience a rich product journey together.


Content Delivery

Providing robust, reliable and easy to use software tools to create, schedule and manage your content instore. Live dashboards to check on in-store displays, update content remotely, collect customer use metrics and calculate ROI all in real-time.


Everything customers do is tracked, so analysing how your content is doing and what your learners feel about it, is easy. This rich data can be used to improve the content on offer. Anonymous Video Analytics provides information on the gender and age of people viewing or interacting with digital content. 


Retailistic is flexible to your requirements, budgets and timescales. With a simple 5-step approach, you choose the way we work together, with any combination of steps.


At Retailistic we use our skill and experience to give you real insight. We analyse your place in the market, carefully study the competitive landscape, look at key trends and understand the relevant customer touch points.

We provide advice to help give your business the direction and focus to it needs to remain innovative and provide the best end-to-end customer journey?



Retailistic is uniquely positioned to help your business gain competitive advantage, identify new opportunities and improve profitability by delivering innovative digital in-store and engaging mobile learning.


We are always thinking, we can’t help it! We provide you with clear and strong ideas to make your project a success. We know what questions to ask in order to create a robust scope.


Our strapline is “Digital storytelling for retail customer and colleagues” so it won’t surprise you that storytelling is at the heart of all we do, it’s in our DNA. 


We have total empathy with the customer and the journey we are taking them on.


We have experience having written numerous successful scripts for digital projects that have been viewed by literally millions of customers worldwide.


At Retailistic we plan the customer journey and map all the touch points, we write engaging scripts and design beautifully clear storyboards and graphics.



We are here to ensure everything runs smoothly through the delivery phase of your project by offering comprehensive project management and ongoing support.


Retailistic loves attention to detail. At every stage of a project we are looking for ways to improve, enhance, add value and provide that extra spark! We ensure our team capture every last detail for on-going projects.



We are totally transparent. We don’t have a team in-house team of designers and developers hanging around for the next project. To be more agile and cost effective, we have virtual networks of highly talented individuals and partners that we work with.


Having worked within the retail sector for over 20 years we have an unrivaled contact to the very best teams to deliver on time and within your budget.



Retailistic is pleased to be working with the following innovative brands.