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Virtual Learning

Pioneering Virtual Learning Solutions for Global Brands: Retailistic delivers virtual learning solutions to global brands, cultivating engagement, immersion, and motivation that propel teams to unparalleled achievements. Designed for the modern learner, this content is fully responsive, ensuring it's accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Onboarding is seamless, directing learners immediately to the content. Thousands of satisfied learners worldwide and impressive completion rates between 96% and 98%. Once users register, they not only finish but also earn personalized certificates.

The learning experience is further enhanced by gamification and incentives such as unique giveaways and exclusive prizes. Upholding the highest standards, content is created in line with industry benchmarks like SCORM 1.2/2004 and AICC. To cater to a global audience, there's support for over 35 languages, including right-to-left scripts. A sophisticated cloud-based dashboard also allows brands to monitor and evaluate each learner's journey.


The content offering spans various domains, from selling skills and product installations to professional development topics like working from home, leadership, and diversity. This is complemented by regulatory compliance subjects, ensuring learners are updated on critical areas like Health & Safety, GDPR, and Financial Standards.

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